je mehr wir


In the impressionistic short film “The more we”, the tension between the two characters reveals their apparent closeness more and more clearly to be an artificial openness. It merely masks the underlying fears. The relationship between the two thus reads as an example of a social problem.


2019permanentJuvinale Nachwuchsfilmfest, Salzburg, Austria


Performance Sophie Krause, Marius Ludwig
Direction Judit Anna Hoffkamp
Script Judit Anna Hoffkamp
Dramaturgy Hagen Gersie
DOP Lea Willim, Jana Reich
Set-AL Lea Willim, Elodie Sacher
Music and Sounddesign Robin Plenio
Light Elodie Sacher
Costume and Set Design Lea Willim, Elodie Sacher
Editing Judit Anna Hoffkamp, Sophie Krause
Grading Marius Ludwig, Sophie Krause
Artwork Leonie Henze
Photography Fred Ferschke