Musicvideo for Mahendra

“SonneMond” tells of finding one’s way in tangled webs – interpersonal and social. MAHENDRA describe states of being lost and reassembling in favor of a better self and a more promising us. Two poles that cannot come together and only unfold their radiance at a distance – between sadness, anger and the regretful realization that detachment is the only way.

“We are only good at a distance

In their visual language, they draw on the muses of fine art and their emancipation from the gaze of the male artistic genius. A journey through the psychological and physical states of tearing apart paralyzing and toxic structures and the question of a place in a cosmos that seems to be a given.

MAHENDRA • SonneMond


Concept Anastasija Harrowna Bräuniger, Sophie Krause, David-Simon Groß, Robin Plenio 
Direction Anastasija Harrowna Bräuniger
DoP David-Simon Groß
Set-Design Klothilde Habrant
Editing Robin Plenio 
Grading David-Simon Groß
Performance Sophie Krause

Music & Production MAHENDRA
Co-Production Mine
Additional Production Novaa
Mix Lukas Streich
Master P.K. Stephan at deafBird Studios

Thanks to the Junction Bar Berlin and the Refugium am See in Teupitz.

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Supported by Initiative Musik gemeinnützige Projektgesellschaft mbH with project funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media.