Even though the bars may close at four o’clock and the clubs at six, the city never closes. In the hours before it gets light, the nameless protagonist staggers out of a bar in downtown Saarbrücken. Music is still playing as she makes her way home. She passes sleeping homeless people, shadowy figures dancing in a club, barely visible through the smoke. Shortly before she reaches St. Johanner Markt, Sina, a punk, comes up to her. She takes her to Patrick, her boyfriend, and Roland, a cowboy. For a moment, the protagonist is part of a story that she perceives as so very different from her own reality.


03 May 202117:00Unrestricted View Film Festival, London, England
Special Mention: Best Cinematography
2020permanentLift-Off Global Network, Worldwide
03 May 202019:00Screening at Junction Café, Berlin, Germany


Ein Film von Catarina Cottone, David-Simon Groß, Jan Thul, Sophie Krause.
Nach einer Kurzgeschichte von Jan-Niclas Thul.

With Carolin Ott, Jochen Pfaffstaller, Lucas Riedle, Sophie Krause
DoP David-Simon Groß 
Steadicam Johannes Rupf
1. AC Max Liedtke
Production Catarina Cottone, Sophie Krause
Production management Catarina Cottone
Producer Phil Christen
Direction Jan-Niclas Thul
Co-Direction Mirka Borchardt
Set-Runner Dominic Groß
Voice-Over-Direction Catarina Cottone, Sophie Krause, Robin Plenio
Sound engineer Finn Toedte
Sound Flo Bley
Set-Design Maria Faerber, Klothilde Habrant
Set-Design Assistance Dominic Groß
Costume Lea Willim
Mask Meike Samsel, Lena Schuh, Vanessa Wichterich
Lighting Design Mark Leyval
Light Yann Moison, Mohammed Amer Ramadan
Color-Grading David-Simon Groß
Sounddesign Markus Sternbauer
Sound-Design Markus Sternbauer
Composition Robin Plenio
Casting Jan-Niclas Thul,Sophie Krause
Subtitles Lena Kück, Ola-Oluwa Akinmade